My work

I categorize my work as a blending of HCI and Interaction Design. My interests and projects are related to the concept of the Internet of Things, learning machines, VR/AR, wearable technology, and the augmented human. I work best when I get the opportunity to collaborate intensively with multidisciplinary teams: engineers, researchers, designers, psychologists, and prototypers. On a daily basis, I create and test new prototypes of concepts (either physical or digital), explore new interfaces and experiences, and push the boundaries of design and technology. 

My background

My background combines Computer Science and Design, focused on HCI and Interaction Design. I consider myself an engineer who does design. As an engineer, I am happy when I am building interactive prototypes of new product concepts and interactions. As a designer, I am always asking “why,” giving solutions to problems by understanding the user, and generating new ideas. Therefore, I work across the full product development and implementation process. This process extends from the problem (design oriented) to the solution (engineering oriented). At this intersection, I am currently working at IDEO as an Interaction Designer. Previously, I conducted research at the MIT Media Lab within the Fluid Interfaces Group.

Contact: exposito at mit dot edu