Hi there! I’m Marc

I'm currently finishing my Master's degree at the MIT Media Lab. Previously, I interned at Apple as an Experience Prototyper where I built new multimodal experiences for Siri. Before that, I interned at IDEO as an Interaction Designer where I helped shape the future of mobility for Ford.

My background combines Design, Computer Science, and Human-Computer Interaction. I enjoy designing and building experiences, products, and services that aim to solve user needs. Through design, I define personas, storyboards, mockups, and more. Through prototyping, from low to high fidelity, I quickly validate assumptions and effectively communicate my ideas. I work best when I'm part of a multidisciplinary team, including designers, researchers, engineers, product managers, and more.

I'm a curious designer that gets excited for what's next. I have published some of my work to international conferences such as CHI, UIST, CSCW, Mobile HCI, and TEI, and I believe product innovation can be lead through research findings.

Would you like to chat about new opportunities, collaborations, or mentorship? If so, please, send me an email to my last name @mit.edu. Thank you!

Marc Exposito