OIA, a Smart Assistant for Work


This devices is a smart coaster that works as a smart assistant for people at work. It has a weight scale to coach users on healthy hydration habits at work. It also has different modes specifically designed for having efficient meetings and workflows at work. 


Process Overview

The Idea

The client Aigues de Barcelona had two problems: 1) they wanted their employees to be healthier by empowering them to drink water 2) they wanted them to be more productive. There are many publications that connect the hydration levels with productivity and performance. Based on this, we decided to create a smart coaster to coach healthy habits to employees, as well as facilitating them to be more productive at work by optimizing their time.


I designed the interaction of OIA and its different modes. There are 4 modes: Timer, Don't Disturb, Available, and Pomodoro.


Design and Implementation of the Interaction

When we were exploring if the smart coaster could be a good solution for the client, I started making simple prototypes like the following one:

I also conducted different ethnographic interviews and create different personas to define the user and her/his needs.


Contribution and Role in the Project

My job on this project was to define the interaction and the different modes, as well as some design aspects of the coaster. I worked closely with industrial designers and the client to create a frame and explore different solutions.